VB.NET Pizza

Pizzeria Da Luigi in Maarheeze was well known all over the world. A perfect networking place to meet (business) friends while drinking a glass of wine. Luigi's pizzas were excellent. Lucky for him, he now is retired...

At the end of november 2013 I started a private group "Friends of Luigi" at LinkedIn.

Group member Roel had developed a dedicated pizza list in Excel, so you can choose your favorite pizza.

Then I thought a pizza app would be nice. In january 2014 I developed a program that runs under Windows (not Windows Phone). You can guess its name: "Friends of Luigi".

You can install the app from my site. The program uses the .NET 4.0 framework, so if this framework is not installed on your computer, the program will download the framework from the Microsoft site. This might take a while. If for some reason you don't want this (version of the) framework on your computer, then do not install the pizza program. As the program is "unknown" Microsoft will warn you in a window. Click on "more information", then you can install my program anyway.

Each time you start the app it will check for updates online. So when pizza #58 is available the app will be updated. (I think pizza Volpe is number 58).

UPDATE 15-02-2014: version v. is available with pizza Volpe.

UPDATE 26-04-2014: version v. is available with pizza Cranendonck and pizza Rucula, so now there are 60 pizzas to choose from!

UPDATE 2021: Luigi has retired, so no pizzas are available anymore

You can uninstall the pizza app at any time by using the Control Panel (Dutch: Configuratiescherm). If you see an error message during the update, just uninstall the program and reinstall it from this website. Please note that I use this pizza app for educational purposes to learn Microsoft ClickOnce technology. So once in a while an error may occur when I am testing. Have fun with the app.

You can install an XLL add-in from my site